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 As  an experienced provider of Logistics solutions for Intermodal drayage  and railroad interchange, Western Lorry Service, LLC has been  established to provide an efficient and innovative approach to the  challenging logistics environment that the Mountain West region often  affords. By blending diverse service offerings and unique equipment  configurations, we offer innovative solutions to our customers. Western  Lorry Service, LLC maintains the belief that "to over-commit to a  customer means to under perform in the final analysis".  

 We  are equipped to handle complex logistics; coordinating the movement of  freight between plants, ports, warehouses, railroads and container  yards. Our coordinated services often allow our fleet to transport  multiple loads in addition to Intermodal container shipments. Whether transcontinental or regional, we have a distribution plan to meet your  needs. Western Lorry Service, LLC operates a fleet of lease-maintained tractor equipment and select owner-operators.  

Western Lorry Service will provide a competitive advantage for your Logistics projects by accomplishing your goals while   embracing the challenges of this region, not avoiding them. Our rates and services are  established on an individual basis to offer our customers a more timely and competitive quote. We pride ourselves in solving problems for customers,  and specialize in Mountain operations-including during inclement winter weather. If the road is open, we deliver. 

Email us your inquiries and  areas of interest today. We look forward to the opportunity to earn  your business!  

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